Now while this isn't the most nutritous recipe in the world, it is 100% vegan and it tastes good. Also this recipe is merely a guideline because everytime I make it, it's different (also most credit goes to my friend Joey who was the pioneer of the tofu taco)

one block of firm tofu
extra virgin olive oil
various spices depending on your taste, such as: cayenne pepper, italian spice mix, garlic salt, sesame seeds, celery seeds, garlic, basil, etc. (just use your intutition).
soft taco shells

Crumble tofu into a frying pan that has the bottom covered in the oil. You can also add more oil on top of the tofu if you like it that way. Crush the saltines into tiny bits and mix thouroughly with the tofu. Turn the heat onto medium and proceed to mix in whatever spices you like. Let it cook for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally, until its as brown as you want it (I like it really brown which makes it crunchy). Then spoon it into the taco shell and enjoy.

Note: for all those non-vegans out there i hear that melting a slice of cheese on top is also very good. Also i don't know if this is technically a taco because the only real taco ingredient included is the shell. But, eh, that's what we've always called it so, that's what i noded it as.

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