ToastyFrog is an interesting video game/comic/movie review/journal web site thing designed by J. Parish. There is no single reason to check out ToastyFrog; rather, you'll want to see it for the collection of neat shit that J. Parish has written up and posted for our viewing pleasure.

The web comic aspect of ToastyFrog is odd, but fairly well-drawn. The characters don't take themselves or the comic very seriously, and that's part of the strip's charm. The strip takes various shots at other web comics, the most notiable of which is the conservation of movement amongst web comic characters (Penny Arcade is notorious for this, even though it's only three panels long, but that's another node). It's no PvP, but it has potential.

The movie review aspect is very limited, but Parish does have a very interesting and thoughtful review of the G.I. Joe animated movie which contrasts adult and childhood tastes. Alas, movies aren't the main point of ToastyFrog, anyhow. The video game aspect is the real meat. Sure, there are quite a few amateur reviews that you've seen on every Geocities page known to man, but J. Parish's in depth looks at religious symbolism, biggest game disappointments, and the connection between the Final Fantasy series of games are all original and worthwhile. Each article spans several pages, and it isn't because of the banner ads, as there are none. Also, the formatting is elegant and simple, making the entire site incredibly easy to navigate and read.

So, what else can I say? Go check out ToastyFrog at

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