The first time I had a toasted almond was at a party hosted by a friend who had just gone to bartender school--not so much that he wanted to work as a bartender, but because he thought it would be cool. He was like that.

Anyway, I was a little buzzed, and thought a white russian with amaretto in it would be really great. I mean, I put amaretto in coffee before, so this would be an extension of that idea. The perfect drink, I figured, and how clever of me to think it up.

So I describe what I want, and he says, Toasted Almond, and pours and shakes and there I have it. I was a little crestfallen that it wasn't my idea (hey, I was 19), but it was a damn good drink.

Here's a recipe (gratuitously stolen from

1oz amaretto
1oz Kahlua

Shake with ice, pour into a Collins glass

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