One of the eight robot masters in the NES video game Mega Man 4.

Dr. Wily# 29
Weapon: Rain Flush
Weakness: Drill Bomb (Drill Man’s weapon, Mega Man 4) ; Ring Boomerang (Ring Man’s weapon, Gameboy Mega Man IV)

Toad Man looks basically like a toad. He has a green and yellow coloring and there are two big “eyes” above his normal eyes. Compared to all the other robot masters in the whole series, Toad Man is the easiest. His strategy doesn’t appear to have any thought into it. Whenever Mega Man shoots him, Toad Man immediately attempts to jump on Mega Man. To avoid the jump, Mega Man can either slide or just walk a few steps to the left or right. Toad Man needs a few seconds to get his Rain Flush to activate. This is the flaw in Toad Man’s strategy. While Toad Man starts dancing to get his Rain Flush to shoot, Mega Man can easily shoot Toad Man. Thus, terminating the dance and commencing the attempt to jump on Mega Man. However, if Toad Man ever gets to activate his Rain Flush, Mega Man will bear some damage. The Rain Flush is an all screen attack, Mega Man can’t dodge it or use any shield weapon to protect himself. Toad Man has appeared in other Mega Man games which are Mega Man IV for Gameboy and Mega Man’s Soccer for SNES. In Mega Man V for Gameboy, the Stardroid Venus looks a lot like Toad Man.

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