The six legendary spirits created for the bionicle series by lego. Each one controls the Matoran Cities and has the powers of certain elements. The six toa are: Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Lewa, Kopaka and Onua.

Tahu - Protector of Ta-Koro. He is the Spirit of Flame. He has the Flame Sword as his weapon.

Gali - Protector of Ga-Koro. She is the Spirit of Water. She has great atheletic abillity.

Pohatu - Protector of Po-Koro. He is the Spirit of Stone. He controls the mountains and plains.

Lewa - Protector of Le-Koro. He is the Spirit of Air. He carries an axe as his primary weapon.

Kopaka - Protector of Ko-Koro. He is the Spirit of Ice. He carries a sword and a shield to protect himself.

Onua - Protector of Onu-Koro. He is the Spirit of Earth. He has immense strength, and can cause earthquakes.

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