You can't touch loneliness, it's just one of those beautiful things that will surround your entire being.. sometimes even when you're completely enveloped in the chatter, presence of other little humans, it will still cause your heart to ache. You might just sit there staring off into space wishing someone could make the world seem smaller, more welcoming, make it seem like somewhere anyone might want to be.

small piece of false sanity 
found in terrible... alone
and i loved it, the way i heard
nothing but soft wind, light 
rain filling puddles and 
you were no where around i still
felt your hand upon my shoulder
but could not escape
overwhelming loneliness because
your presence is somehow less
when it exists solely in thought

i am only as alone as i choose to be, and i can't touch my own loneliness, but i can feel yours, hers, even from such a distance that could not be crossed in few moments. my eyes wander to the window and i stare out at a universe that won't let me be close to you, but instead would have me love everything that i can't touch with intense passion.

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