I am sitting on a mountain path. It is quite like Japan, a pine forest sloping off steeply to the left of the path and the flat ridge of the mountain just a little bit further up on the right. But I am sitting on a little concrete step next to the path, facing a priest. There are two concrete pillars on either end of the step, and we both have our backs against a pillar, about two metres apart. We both have kind of cup in front of us, like an origami paper cup made from beautiful printed paper. I think of a certain ex girlfriend and good friend of mine, and the creative kinds of things she makes. But then I see there is some kind of logo on the cups, they are some kind of gimmick like out of a McHappy meal. I think I have decided to kill the priest. I don't know why, it is a decision I feel a bit uneasy with but I have to carry through now.
I get up, maybe in indecision, and walk back down the path a bit. There is a deer standing quite still up the hill on my left. I get out my gun and shoot it. I get the sense now it is a forest reserve in America. Instead of taking the deer's horns, you are meant to leave the de-horning to a ranger and go and pick up a substitute set of horns from a selection stuck to a wooden board on the mountain ridge. I do this, but when I get back I discover that the substitute horns are just branches, and am a bit angry.
I go back and sit with the priest. He starts telling me how when he started his job, his aim was to kill half of his parish in a kind of rampage. But he was gradually won over by everyone and now goes about his job like a normal priest. I think I am influenced by this story and end up not killing him.

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