Tippmann started in the early 1980's when Tippmann was known as the Tippmann Arms Company. They made machine guns mainly but when Dennis Tippmann, the founder of Tippmann markers, saw the sport of paintball growing, he stop making machine guns and started to put his knowledge of machine guns to make his own line of paintball markers. One of the first markers was the SMG60 semi- automatic. It was also the first twist-on Co2 tank. The SMGs were the first to use the hopper, an ammo box for paintball markers. Most of the markers are made up of an aluminum die cast; this makes the guns durable.

    Tippmann also produces accessories including:
  • Tippmann comp-air low presser system for both the A5 and 98
  • Collapsible stock for both the A5 and 98
  • Flatline barrels for both the A5 and 98
  • Double triggers for both A5 and 98
  • Response triggers for both A5 and 98
  • And also gear bags an marker bags
  • Oh, and some new barrels

Today Tippmann is a family business in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It also makes sewing machines. Tippmann is a highly respected paintball manufacturer, primarily by other paintball manufactures, but not with most “professional” paintball players referring them to “newbie equipment”. Still today, Tippmann markers have been around since the beginning of the sport in the 1980s.

Resources include: Tippmann, and www.paintballpat.com

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