Tinseltown is another name for that glitzy place known as Hollywood, See Ay. The name was given to the city sometime in the early 20s by noted producer Sam Goldwyn, as a sort of backhanded compliment. He said, "People don't understand Hollywood. They don't look beneath the superficial layer of tinsel. Underneath lies the real tinsel."

Like tinsel, Hollywood has a lovely sheen on the surface, and can brighten any view. But also like tinsel, it's really just some cheap foil that falls apart at the seams and makes a mess of your house come New Year's Day.

Tinseltown is also the name of a decidely Americanized diner club in London. Located on St. John Street, the diner was started as owner Sheeraz Hasan's excuse to have milkshakes available in his hometown. The success of the diner gave rise to a new franchise in Los Angeles. Before long, Sheeraz began making the rounds at celebrity parties, and began a cable access show ... also called Tinseltown. The show has a distinctive Indian flavor (like its host Hasan), as well as a modern hip-hop twinge to it. It has become the predominant show for Bollywood to show off its wares in America, and is host to the Bollywood Awards in over 80 countries. Not bad for a guy who just likes milkshakes!

Tinseltown is also the name of a large chain of movie theaters owned by Cinemark - it's basically their flagship theater. It offers audiences a "Hollywood experience" replete with red carpet, old-fashioned theater architecture, and giant spotlights illuminating the night sky above. Currently there are 69 Tinseltown theaters across America and 4 other countries.

Finally, much like the theater chain, Tinseltown is the name of a dinner theater in Anaheim, California that promises attendees all the glamour of Hollywood along with their meal. The entire evening is played out as a Oscar ceremony: people from the audience are nominated for their performances, and are digitally inserted into certain film clips. The hosts then announce the winners (everybody!) and fake statuettes are passed out to everyone. Tickets are $44.50, and I hear they're about to bankrupt soon. C'est la vie.

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