To Louis F. Gottschalk,
Whose sweet and dainty melodies
breathe the true spirit of fairyland,
this book is affectionately dedicated


To My Readers
1 - Ann's Army
2 - Out of Oogaboo
3 - Magic Mystifies the Marchers
4 - Betsy braves the Bellows
5 - The Roses Repulse the Refugees
6 - Shaggy Seeks his Stray Brother
7 - Polychrome's pitiful Plight
8 - Tik-Tok Tackles a Tough task
9 - Ruggedo's Rage is Rash and Reckless
10 - A terrible Tumble Through a Tube
11 - A Famous Fellowship of Fairies
12 - The Lovely Lady of Light
13 - The Jinjin's Just Judgment
14 - The Long-Eared Hearer Learns by Listening
15 - The Dragon Defies Danger
16 - The Naughty Nome
17 - A Tragic Transformation
18 - A Clever Conquest
19 - King Kaliko
20 - Quok Quietly Quits
21 - A Bashful Brother
22 - Kindly Kisses
23 - Ruggedo Reforms
24 - Dorothy is Delighted
25 - The Land of Love

Baum's ninth Oz book, published in 1914. Getting back to an annual Oz book after a few year's hiatus, Baum follows The Patchwork Girl of Oz by adapting part of his 'Tik-Tok of Oz' travelling play, adding in a character from a potential new series that flopped, Betsy Bobbin (and her trusty mule, Hank). Baum 'borrows' a couple of elements from Lewis Caroll's Wonderland books-- the fall through a hole, and roses with human faces-- but he is still quite inventive, namely with the use of dragons, and inventing the mobile phone over 50 years before they existed! The book ends with a funny bit involving the loyalty of animals, including why Toto never talks.

a few lines of a curious nature taken from the text of this tale:

Let us be friends and rub noses
We are wanderers, you know, but if we stick together I am sure we shall have a good time.
let us get out of this tunnel and into the world again
I don't mind an honest, out-an'-out enemy, who fights square; but changing girls into fiddles and ordering 'em put into Slimy Caves is mean and tricky
it is wise to disregard laws when they conflict with justice
You will notice that my voice sounds rather harsh and husky, because I have to talk with my teeth set close together.

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