Located in northern Yunnan province, southwest China, this place is part of the Yangtse River, known at this point as the Golden Sands River (Jin Sha Jan). The gorge is an attraction for tourists who need to cross the river at one point in a small boat that carrys perhaps six people and one pony. The walk may take two days to complete. The pathway is at times very narrow, and dangerous in parts where landslides have burried the track in rubble, or worn the track away. Ancient legend suggests that the gorge is narrow enough for tigers to leap across it. The gorge is featured in several guide books. Either side of the gorge stand huge mountains over 5 km high, known as Snow Dragon Mountains for their size and permananent snow cover. The area is reached by an overnight bus trip from Kunming, Yunnan's capital. Lijiang is a town nearby through which you may travel to get there. Along the way is the town of Dali, a popular tourist destination.

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