A touching, hilarious (if somewhat formulaic) film by Damon Santostefano starring Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott, and the superb Oliver Platt. Perry shines in this film...nobody has comedic timing like he does.

The plot, such as it is (straight guy falls in love with boss's mistress, boss thinks straight guy is gay, media finds out straight guy is gay, straight guy pretends to be gay so as not to upset boss, girl loves straight guy but thinks he's gay, etc.), is typical and silly. Even so, the movie is funny, engaging, entertaining, and heartwarming. Furthermore, it's got a classic scene in which Matthew Perry, who has reached the end of his rope and is literally about to go nuts, is running down a sidewalk screaming and flailing his arms. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, he's accosted by a flock of angry chickens. He stops for a few seconds, realizes that, yes, the world has just gone completely berserk, and starts running and screaming and flailing again. Brilliant.

It's an excellent date movie (ha, like I'd know). Also excellent if you like watching movies by yourself and then moping around afterwards (I'd know). I strongly recommend it.

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