refers to the column shift or gear shift lever on cars having three (forward) gears.


The gear shift lever may be placed in any one of five positions - neutral, reverse, first, second and third. The operation of the lever in engaging the gears consecutively is as follows:-

1.See that gear shift lever is in neutral position (lever may be moved up and down).

2.First Speed: With clutch pedal depressed, raise lever toward steering wheel and pull downwards until it is fully engaged in first speed location; then gradually release clutch pedal.

3.Second Speed: With clutch pedal depressed, push lever up and away from steering wheel. Lever will cross through neutral position, moving away from steering wheel, and engage second speed position. Release clutch pedal.

4.Third Speed: With clutch pedal depressed, pull lever down and away from steering wheel until lever has reached the end of its travel into third speed position.

5.Reverse: With car at a standstill, depress clutch pedal, raise lever and push upwards towards steering wheel.


The first car which was mine, all mine. Our German neighbor upstairs was moving to California, too far of a drive he thought for his aging car. Frank had just graduated college and had job prospects down there in the sunny state, which at the time was suffering from torrential rains. He intended to just leave the car to whoever wanted it. I hesitantly asked if he would give it to me, having admired many times the poise of the aging steel. Agreed with a smile, signing over the title of that 1966 Dodge Dart to my name. I proceeded to wash off all the accumulated mossy crust revealing a deep white, cleaning the inside until it was in reasonable shape. Three gears a huge engine that was remarkably simple, as if constructed by a child. Front and rear bench seats, we would pack so many kids in and cruise around with the ancient AM signals rolling onto our ears.

After owning it for a year, I sold the car to Anthony for somewhere around 300 dollars. I was to start school and did not want the burden of insurance. The car served him favorably until the transmission got stuck in first gear, which is said to be common for the three on the tree configuration. Instead of doing what was probably a simple repair to the linkage, he drove the car around in first gear until the tranmission dropped down onto the road in smoking bits and pieces.

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