A drinking game played by a group of people (playing with yourself is not recommended) (actually playing with less then three people is not recommended) with a pair of dice. The rules seem to vary from place to place (or should I say campus to campus), but here's the set I usually play by:

Players take turns rolling the dice, a player passes on the dice when they become three man or when they roll a value which has no rule associated with it.

First person to roll a three (both dice totaling three) is the three man. That person then passes on the dice, and remains three man until someone else rolls a three. If they happen to roll three again on a subsequent turn then they can choose a new three man. Any time anyone else rolls a three on either pair of dice, the three man must drink. An optional rule here is that the three man can be told at any time, by anybody to drink -- but when this rule is enforced, beware revenge.

Snake eyes (two ones) and box cars (two sixes) give the player the ability to make a new rule or cancel a previous player instated rule. These can be as imaginative as possible, but beware revenge. Depending on the company you are playing with, this may degenerate the game into Strip Three Man, or any other number of embarassing scenerios.

Sloppy dice, or dice which fall off the table, means that the roller must drink twice.

Social in which everyone drinks, happens any time someone rolls any combination resulting in ten.

If you roll Doubles or the same value on both dice, you may split the dice between two players or hand them both to the same player of your choosing. They must roll the exact same value on both dice or drink what they roll (take as many sips as the value shown on their dice). If they succeed in rolling the same value on both dice, the original roller gets the dice back and must roll doubles again or drink twice the value of what he rolls. This continues to escalate until someone looses. The resulting # of drinks being multiplied by the round.

If you roll a four and a one, everyone must touch their nose. The last person to touch their nose drinks.

Any combination resulting in seven means the person to the left of the roller must drink.

Any combination resulting in eleven means the person to the right of the roller must drink.

There are several optional rules I've also played with on occasion:

Rolling a five and a one makes you the Dick. Once you are the Dick you must pass on the dice, and you remain the Dick until someone else rolls a five and a one or until you roll a five and a one again. When you are the Dick, anyone at anytime can say drink Dick and you have to drink.

Another five and one variation is that any time anyone rolls a five and a one, everyone must put their thumb on the table. Last person drinks.

As I said, there are many variations to the rules. Most of which are developed on-the-fly as part of the rule making rule. These include players loosing articles of clothing every time they roll a certain value, having to drink everytime you say drink as well as many others. People with other rules are encouraged to node them here.

The version of this drinking game that I've played is a bit different from airwick's, and a bit more complicated. It goes like this:

  • At the beginning of the game, everyone rolls the dice; high roll goes first, low roll starts as the "three man."

  • The three man must wear a colander, an empty beer case or something equally ridiculous on his or her head in order to indicate that he or she is the three (wo)man.

  • On each player's turn, they keep rolling until they roll something that doesn't result in anyone drinking, at which point they pass the dice to the left.

  • Every die that goes off the table results in a drink for the roller, and is then rerolled.

  • On doubles, the roller assigns a number of drinks equal to the total showing, however he wants. E.g., on double 4s, the roller could assign 3 drinks to one person and 5 drinks to another. The suggested volume for a "drink" is one sip of beer, otherwise everyone gets drunk too fast. This rule is cumulative with other rules.

  • Any time a three shows on either die, the three man must take a drink. This is cumulative with other rules.

  • Double Ones: Make a rule. It can be anything you want, within reason (common ones include: no swearing, no pointing, drink with your left hand, no using people's names, no saying the word 'drink,' no saying numbers, no elbows on the table, etc.). The penalty for breaking any rule is taking a drink. Rules with stricter penalties need a unanimous vote from the other players to pass.

  • Two + One: Three the hard way. Roll the dice again. The three man must drink that many times. Sucks to be him.

  • Double Threes: You become the three man. Sucks to be you. Note that this happens after you assign six drinks for rolling doubles, and the former three man takes two drinks for the two threes showing.

  • Four + Two: Six pack. Everyone must put their fist on their forehead. Last to do so drinks.

  • Anything totalling seven: Seven-Up. Person to the right of the roller drinks.

  • Anything totalling eleven: Eleven Down. Person to the left of the roller drinks.

Last time I played this game, someone made the rule that you couldn't say any numbers... then we later voted unanimously to allow a rule that changed the penalty for breaking that rule to a number of drinks equal to the number said. Woe was me when, late in the game, I unthinkingly said, "Man, I'm going to be completely drunk in about sixty seconds." Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy. The funny thing was that then, someone who had been out of the room came back and asked what had happened, and another girl said, "He just said sixty!" The look on her face when she realised what she just said was almost worth having to chug two beers myself (we decided that 30 sips = 1 beer).

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