Home of the Runnin Rebels basketball team. Also, home of the Silver Bandits, Las Vegas's new IBL basketball team. Former home of the Las Vegas Thunder IHL hockey team. The Thomas and Mack center sits on the UNLV campus and is mostly unremarkable.

Although it is a popular venue for hosting a wide variety of sporting and entertainment events, the most exciting thing to happen there in recent memmory was the scandal after a recent remodeling of its front facade.

The multi-million dollar project included adding an enourmous sign to the side of the building that replaced the word "and" with the charachter "&". This would have perfectly acceptable, except that everyone on the plannning committee thought it would be "different" and "neat" to lay the "&" character on its side. Professors and staff began to complain that this change made the university look stupid, and that it was akin to afixing a spelling error to the side of the building. The sign was modified at a cost of $20,000.

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