This writeup is your future.

Every word, every syllable, every character in this writeup is sitting, waiting for you to read in your future. Right now, it's your future. Shortly, it will be your present. In a few minutes, it will all be behind you.

It's like driving down a highway, and seeing a sign a few miles down the road. What the sign says is irrelevant. It's the sign itself that matters.

When you first see it, it's your future, waiting patiently ahead of you. As you become level with it, for a split second it is your present. When you pass it, when it is left behind, it is the past.

The future, for some people, is a scary and almost unrealistic thing. For many, it's the 'big picture' - will I be wealthy, will I get married... that sort of thing. But really the concept of future is a little more blurred than that.

The future is a second from now, when I will be writing the next line, and you will be reading it. The future is an hour from now, when I just might eat a sandwich. The future is a year from now, when I could be making life changing decisions.

The future is a lifetime away.

The present is also blurry. The present is a split second where a moment isn't quite future but is not the past yet either. The present is now, and after a blink it is the past.

The past is stable. It is solid. It cannot be changed. The past is prehistory. The past is the start of this writeup. The past is memories that are rejoiced in or regretted.

Unlike the future, whatever your past is it cannot be changed.

Past, present and future are human concepts and will continue to be as we all speed out of control down our personal highways, passing our personal roadsigns. Past events have an effect on the future. The future relies upon the past.

This may be the best writeup you have ever read. It might be the worst. It doesn't really matter.

Because once you have read this line, it will all be in your past anyway.

Pipelink references from paragraphs 6 and 10 are from Garfield and Minority Report, respectively. Curse my Lit teacher and that damn addictive comic strip.

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