Book written by Georges Bataille, the work was finished in 1961. The book was blacklisted by (the otherwise a pretty nice guy) Andre Malraux in 1962.

The book is a study of our perception of sex and death through art. The book is interlaced with art work from prehistoric cave paintings to modern art. The book ends with an interlinkage of religion, eroticism, torture & death which may be read in many different ways.

"The essence of man as given in sexuality - which is his origin and begginning - poses a problem for him that has no other outcome than wild turmoil. This turmoil is given in the 'little death*.' How can I fully live the 'little death' if not as a foretaste of the final death?" -Georges Bataille, 1961, Les Larmes d'Eros.
* little death is a French expression and metaphor for orgasm.

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