A rare and wonderful place frequented by people who actually want to have a discussion, ie listen and learn as well as talk. Trolls, evangelists and whiners are barred from it, and intellectual bliss prevails.

Because people actually use their ears and not only their mouth in conversation in this room, very little acrimony ensues, and the high level of maturity required to actually check all pockets for residual bullshit before coming in pretty much ensures that it's full of responsible adults who won't be reduced to tears or provoked to violence by the fact that someone disagrees with their most virulently petulant arguments.

I am sad to admit that I don't always live in the room labled "leave your bullshit at the door". Sometimes I crash in the one with the big "PMS" sign, and occasionally visit the "so I'm a bitch, so sue me" emporium. But I try...

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