Take a piece of paper. In actuality this is only a substance in the form of thin sheets or leaves that is derived from wood, or other fibrous material, which is first reduced to pulp, then molded, pressed, and dried. In its physical reality paper is nothing special. It is flimsy and not very useful in and of itself.

Now, look at it again. Turn it over in your hands. Study it. Fold it several times and you have a paper airplane. This plane can carry tiny souls of your own creation to any destination imaginable. Add some paint and it becomes a work of art. With some thought and ink this could be turned into a story or a poem. A whole different world can be created with this one flimsy sheet. Lives can be created, molded, and destroyed. Pure emotion made real. Intangible thoughts and hopes become fleshed out for all to share. What we cannot see will always be greater than what we can see.

The potential of this one piece of paper is enormous. All dreams start as possibilities. When we dip into the realm of the possible we transfer potentialities into realities and transcend what is actual. What is made is up to you.

Another nodeshell bites the dust!

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