1. We were going to try and meet before
  2. I got into that accident and crashed 
  3. my car. For several months we kept
  4. in touch, he wasn't the best 
  5. correspondent, but when we did talk
  6. the time flew by. One conversation
  7. in particular stands out, he was
  8. in Japan at the time, we were 
  9. flirting, he was very good despite
  10. the six thousand miles between us.


  1. We didn't meet in person until June.
  2. I packed a picnic for us, he had 
  3. offered to take me out to eat,
  4. another thing I really liked about
  5. him other than his beautiful brown
  6. eyes was his sense of humor. He
  7. knew I had food allergies, and 
  8. instead of making a big deal about
  9. me not wanting to dine out he
  10. started joking about blood and Epi-Pens.


  1. It was the best date I've ever been
  2. on, one that set the bar high for
  3. every encounter after, he got lost,
  4. or more accurately he inaccurately
  5. typed in the address to my sister's
  6. house and ended up in the hood.
  7. A large and intimidating man told
  8. him that his friend didn't live here,
  9. when he mentioned the sister, he
  10. was told that her sister didn't either.


  1. We went down by the lakefront 
  2. after he met my sister, her husband,
  3. and their baby. He would have to
  4. drive me back if we rode together,
  5. but he said he didn't mind so that's
  6. what we ended up doing. He ate
  7. lightly despite not having much
  8. earlier. Our conversation was
  9. interesting, but I was very
  10. distracted by him being so near.


  1. On our walk he told me that the
  2. one person he wished he could
  3. meet was Paul McCartney. We
  4. were down by the Summerfest
  5. grounds at the time, without 
  6. warning my ankle starting hurting.
  7. He asked if I wanted him to call
  8. a cab, but my pride prevented me
  9. from doing the smart thing.


  1. Back at his hotel room I sat in a
  2. super ugly orange chair with my
  3. foot up on a table. By this time
  4. it was radiating sharp pain and 
  5. for a fanciful moment I wondered
  6. if I had broken it again. Taking
  7. weight off of it helped. I patted
  8. the seat next to me and invited 
  9. him to sit down next to me.
  10. It was a tight squeeze, but we fit.


  1. He is by far the best kisser I
  2. have known. There wasn't much
  3. room in the chair, but 
  4. fortunately for us, his bed
  5. was right there. He had been
  6. attentive during the evening,
  7. at my service, eager to please,
  8. and he was no different once
  9. I was naked above the waist
  10. and reaching for his hair.


  1. It didn't work out and a part
  2. of me is still sad. He was a great
  3. guy, nothing major happened,
  4. we grew further and further
  5. apart since I had been the one
  6. maintaining contact and when
  7. I stopped reaching out to him,
  8. that was pretty much it. Every
  9. once in a while I say hi, but
  10. it doesn't go anywhere.


  1. What the orange chair taught
  2.  me is that there are guys who
  3. care about what I think and feel,
  4. men who are willing to invest in
  5. me, listen to me, respect me, he
  6. was an exceptionally good tipper
  7. and I respected that because I
  8. felt that it was respecting me.
  9. So long ugly orange chair, I still
  10. think of you fondly, but this is goodbye

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