Along with another American election debacle corporations are becoming steadily more powerful. We may stand at another turning point in history. Another time when power shifts hands into a still larger and more centralized group. Such as when centralized governments first came into vouge. Who are these people grabbing the reins of the this yet unbroken horse? Corporations, Who else (that wacky fun loving group). Most people realize that mega-corporations control many aspects of thier countries political system but nowhere is it so overt as in the green pastures of America. Also, It seems that nowhere is more naive to the power these Gengis Khanites hold than the old RedWhiteNBlue.

HELP! Our leader is still money and it's taking over the world.

There are no real leaders or dictators (except for maybe some CEO's). More and more of the larger world issues seem to be decided by business. Money is the only aim for which the all powerful corporations strive. It just so happens that these bulbus ticks have tapped into world control because it makes a profit. Bill Gates when asked in a recent interview, "Do you think you have more power than the President of the US?", Laughed and said, "oh, certainly". Incidentally Microsoft gave an equal ammount of money to both 'sanctioned' campaings for US president. We are just a little reality sapped. We don't hear about things like the Trillions of dollars our government has given to corporations for things like research and overseas product promotion. When the average wage of an American worker has gone from 1/20 of what a CEO made to 1/500 of what a CEO makes now, it's time to poke your head above your cubicle.

Corporations, they don't just make nice things anymore. They also plant landmines and put up barbed wire fences.

The new rulers are stepping into place, and belive me, they think it's downright cozy.

A turning point in history?

I have spent the better part of many a recent conversation defending the positive aspects of galobalization--something which I find is too often condemned than considered. In any event, I will keep my statement brief and to the point.

It has been alleged that we stand at a sort of crossroads, where multinational corporations are gathering more and more power unto themselves, making national governments either obsolete or impotent. I would argue that any serious student of world history can find meaningful parallels throughout the course of human events. The one that springs to mind for me is the status of the senatorial landowners during the twilight days of the Western Roman Empire. Gradually, these men withdrew from affairs in Rome; and as the barbarians surged over Roman territory, they took to fortifying their estates. By close cooperation, these families survived, in some cases well into the Middle Ages, while the governmental apparatus of the Empire was gradually dismantled. Business interests were flexible enough to adapt to catastrophe; governments were not.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: There is nothing new under the sun. Countries will rise and fall, ideas will come and go, but the one constant is that people will look out for their own interests--at both the individual and corporate level--at the expense of everything else.

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