If you live out in the country you live for nights like this. The moon is so bright, and the air is so clear you can see long shadows across fields and can read a book in your car with only the blue light coming through the windshield. You can roll down the window, even in the winter and pick out fences and animals as if the whole countryside was under a bright white/blue light. Even small plants and the weeds that grow up around the edge of driveways are discernable in the darkness.

Stupid people, like yours truly, have been known to drive without headlights during such a night. I would convince myself that my eyes had adjusted to the night and that the moonblue road in front of me, as clear as glass save the faded yellow lines, was no danger. A near miss with a tractor trailer stopped that habit, mostly.

There are still nights when I am tempted to drive at least a little ways with only the stars and the blue road. It feels the way water does when you are out in a large lake or the ocean in the middle of the night. Lights jumping off the waves and the moon so bright off the chrome on the side of the boat- you think of sparklers. The moon plays tricks on us and it's best game is making us think the nighttime is bright.

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