Quick grass, quitch grass, down among the reeds,
Twitch grass, green glass, a goblin's greedy needs.
Withvine, whip vine, a maiden by the stony scree,
Basket on her green-glad hip, the lady of the lee.

Sea-green, salt-lee, a charm between her hands.
Bog-brown, fairy clown, digs amidst the sands,
Sharp eyes, goblin knives, in brown and ragged black,
Her jewels within his gaping bag, a mean and tawdry sack.

Spell-grass, spelt-grass, braided at her wrist.
Sweetgrass, salt-lash, clenched within her fist.
Leap fast, sand-fast, stone beneath his claws,
Weep last, bog-blast, caged with fickle straws.

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