At first we thought it was a coincidence. The two large porch lights that had been attached to the exterior of our house faced the cove of a large, man made lake. Late at night, especially in the summer, the lights attracted a great deal of bugs, but served to deter boaters from steering into the cove and making loud noises late at night (the nautical version of parking).

Sometimes we left them all on night, but one evening, about 9 o'clock, my dad decided to turn them off, to try and see something in the sky (a plane?). The very second the switch was thrown several large fish, probably bass, jumped out of the water making a large splash.


A quick lightson-lights off thing did nothing. I guess we thought it was a fluke at first, but the next night we tried it again and again the splash. 9/10 this worked the rest of the summer and the pattern returned the following spring. When friends or relatives came from the city to visit it was a part of the tour:

"Here is the porch, here are the pet fish-just listen!"

That was twenty years ago. I had forgotten all about this curious little ritual until two nights ago when I turned off the porch lights at my house and heard a single neighbor dog bark, just one time --woof?--.

Right on cue.

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