An aviation mnemonic you'll probably learn in flight training to remind you of what to do in a go-around:

Cram it.

Climb it.

Clean it.

Call it.

Cool it.

Cram it:
Push that throttle in all the way! Further if possible.

Climb it:
The idea here is that we want to go around and try it again. Hard to do if you hit that fence at the far end.

Clean it:
Most airplanes wont climb very well with the gear hanging out and the flaps full down. Pull those legs up if applicable and begin bringing the flaps up.

Call it:
Might be a good time to let tower know that you're going around.

Cool it:
It's supposed to be fun remember?

Also used as a colloquial term to describe the extreme form of commercialism existing in Singapore.

The 5 C's are:

Singaporeans view the possession of all these 5 items as a great achievement and some spend all their time in the pursuit of such material goods, sometimes at the expense of health and family.

I apologise for my earlier sexist comment.

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