This meaningful expression actually originated in philosophy class, which is why we know it is meaningful.

Erm. All kidding aside, back when I was taking my philosophy major back at St. John's, my friend and I had one of the world's most horrendous weeks. Both of us. It was AWFUL. Fucking miserable bad luck and bad juju, and in our desperation we, being where we were, consulted Epictetus--the father of stoicism.

Stoicism states, among other things, that thou shalt not bitch. You are always free, Epictetus said, and so whatever your situation is you should take it like a man and get the best out of it you can. His reasoning is, if you really wanted to, you could always kill yourself.

My friend and I got into the habit of telling each other, at particularly bad moments, that "The door is always open". That's how Epictetus actually phrased that particular bit of advice--the door is always open to end your life. It rather kept us in good spirits, albeit extremely sarcastic good spirits.

I decided to node this because the stars have fallen on the evil line again, and I've been thinking more and more...the door is always open...keeps me sane, you know?

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