What you need: A dictionary, a few people with creativity, x pens and x pieces of paper.(where x is the number of participants)

The dictionary game is not a game that can help you learn words, in fact, for most of the words you will probably only remember the false descriptions.

First, decide who is going to administer the score. Administrator, take a piece of paper, and create x rows, to hold everyone's scores.

Then, decide who's turn it will be first. That person should take the dictionary and look for a good word. Preferrably a word that is unknown the majority of the participants. Weird words, with weird definitions.

The person with the dictionary announces the word(exluding the definition) to all people. The participants have to try to make up good descriptions of the words(not necesarrily the true meanings!), so they will get voted for. They write it down on their paper, including their name, and the word. The person with the dictionary now writes the true description on his own paper.

All the papers are turned in to the person with the dictionary, and he shuffles them, and gives them random numbers from 1 to x. He then sorts all the papers according to their number.

Next, he reads the descriptions out loud,(from the description with label 1 to the description with label x) the numbers included, but NOT the name of the person that delivered it to him. The other participants have to guess the right description. And that is pretty hard, if you play with creative people.

Then, the people have to vote on the description they think is true. The person with the dictionary counts to 3, and the participants(exluding the dictionary guy) rise their fingers, with the number of fingers of the meaning they vote for, with the number the person with the dictionary decided. (it's at the same time, so their opinion won't be biased)

Then, the score will be decided.


If nobody chose the true description of the word, the meaning written on one of the papers by the person with the dictionary, the person with the dictionary gets one point.
For each person that voted for the description from player I(replace I with the name, ofcourse), player A gets one point. This counts for all partipants, except the person with the dictionary
Each player that has voted for the true meaning of the word, gets one point.
And then the next person gets the dictionary.

This might sound boring, but if you play with a couple of creative, or funny people, you will have a fun evening.

Excuses for my evil grammar, English is not my first language.

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