I usually wear black, unless I'm working and then I have to wear red, navy and white. The thing I've noticed is some people look so much better in different colors than others. A person can look so bland in one color, but if wearing the perfect color, they can look amazing. Wearing blue, makes blue eyes pop, wearing red is great for brown hair, wearing black works excellent for blondes, and wearing green looks great on red heads. There are more colors that make a person look great, you just have to experiment with colors until you find the one that brings out every great feature of your body. Looking into someones closet usually will tell you what their favorite color is. Mine are black and silver.

Carole Jackson's books divide people into four categories (winter and summer, which are cooler colors, and spring and autumn, which are warmer colors) and advises how to figure out which group you're in and which colors look best on each group. The winter colors seem to work very well on me, and they definitely matched the prejudices for some colors and against others that I'd had throughout my life.

(However, some readers feel that the groups, to quote a review at Amazon.com, "don't work very well for light-skinned redheaded Caucasian women, dark-skinned women of African descent, native North Americans, and women whose ancestors are from South Asia, the Pacific or parts of the Middle East.")

It's has turned into kind of a franchise now, with more stuff in the series by different authors and cosmetic brands that have tie-ins with the idea, but the original books are still quite interesting.

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