He stood on fresh grass not knowing how he got there.
It felt as though everything was on the verge of stirring but a little darkness hung on to the sky.
His mind was sluggishly returning to him. He could remember dimly a jovial conversation with a friend he was camping with about German folklore just before heading out to explore the surroundings. Of course he hadn’t taken it seriously.

He tried to recall how he got here but felt his body recoil as if from a dark memory.
His mind shivered severely then, like thunder rumbling behind dark clouds. His hands instantly gripped his head. There was a peculiar pain that followed. The shiver grew over his whole body. He threw a growl of pain into the sky as it began to feel like all the hairs on his body were being plucked out by thousands of little hair pickers.

He fell to the floor into a fetal position, arms around his head. It felt like his whole body was on fire.
The feeling subsided a few minutes later and he opened his eyes to find millions of fine finger length hairs all around him. He pulled his hands from his head and was startled to find the hair he thought to be on his scalp full in his grip. He felt his head and found himself bald.
He uncoiled himself and saw yet more hair fall to the ground beside him. He realized with alarm at his smooth nakedness that it had just fallen off of him - he didn't remember being so hairy. Even more alarmed was he when he saw it gradually grow back to his accustomed hairiness.

His eyes caught sight of something to this side of him a few steps away, lying next to a tree and almost out of view under a shrub, he saw what looked like a body. It took his mind from its confusion. And as he looked harder he felt a horror echo in him. The clothes on the body looked familiar. He called out a name and got up quickly. The few hairs left on him dusting the air. In a few swift steps he was there.

His heart stopped at the sight.
Tears ran down his face. How could this be?
“Pete,” he cried out again.

The body before him was hardly recognizable. There was blood everywhere, internal organs spewed out, what was left of them that is, most of the torso was missing. Exposed ribs covered by tattered, ripped, bloodstained cloth. There were claw marks and teeth marks where huge jaws had bitten into the flesh and some bones were broken.

Seeing Pete’s face heavy sobs wracked him and he fell to his knees beside his now deceased friend. Shaking his head in disbelief his tremulous hands hovered over his friend’s body not finding a place to lay them. Finally he dropped them limp on either side and looked into the horizon.

He saw a full moon slowly retiring its position in the sky as though it hadn’t had its fill of the night. The sky was considerably lighter now. It wouldn’t be long until all who camped on the site would awaken to a golden light.

Remembering what his friend had said. He knew he had to escape.

Looking back at the hair he had shed, now disappearing as if by magic in the morning sun. The words he had laughed at came back to him;
It’s Summer, its Friday and it’s a full moon, Ron, whatever you do don’t fall asleep with the moon shining directly on your face”

-For the horror quest

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