No matter who you live with, how much you like them, or how long you've known them, when you live with a person, you are exposed to so many quirks of their personality and actions that people who just know them never experience, or experience in such minute quantities that they go by unnoticed. And no matter who this person is, there will be something about your roommate that annoys the hell out of you.

She totally just left air in my bag of cookies!

Somebody just left the ice tray out without refilling it!

You get the point. Little things like this fill my appartment day after day because I'm sharing it with three people, and we're just starting to get to know the little things that bug us about each other. The strangest thing about this is how much fun it is. Once you get started on a little rampage like this, it can go on for thirty minutes. "You know what I hate?" "Yeah, that totally bothers me too!"

It's one thing when little issues about cleanliness and my stuff vs. your stuff exist, but what about when a serious personality conflict ensues? That's even more fun! When Kimonade and I lived with the ho bag, the most entertaining thing to talk about was how much we hated our horrible roommate. Our friends were annoyed, all they said to us was, "Give it up!" but they never realized how much fun it is to hate a roommate.

And OH MY GOD! As I'm writing this, I just found out that one of my roommates just opened my brand new bread (that I haven't even used yet) without asking me and left it open to get hard! God damn it!

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