...Entering orbit around the planet tambi, Captain Comic,
Galactic hero, prepares for his impossible mission: To recover treasures stolen from the planet OMSOC.
Armed with only courage he enters the teleport chamber...

Captain comic episode 1: Planet of death

Published in 1988 and written by Michael Denio, TAOCC is a side scrolling platform type game for PC.
The player assumes the role of Captain Comic and must fight his/her way through hordes of (not so) terrifying monsters and household objects (beach balls for example) in order to recover the stolen treasures.

On this adventure you will fight on the surface of tambi, on the moon, at the beach, on a space station of some kind and at the end of the game, even in a medieval style castle.

The 8 treasures are spread throughout the game and consist of the following objects :

  • Gold key
  • Corkscrew
  • Jump Boots
  • Bag of Gold
  • Gems
  • Teleport wand
  • Lantern
  • Crown
Other items you can pick up include
  • Blastola Cola (gives you greater firepower)
  • Shield (Restores health)

The game uses EGA graphics which obviously look extremely dated now but do the job quite well considering the game's age. The sound is PC speaker only which pretty much limits it to a few bleeps and some basic monophonic melodies for special events (ie. death). You can select from either joystick or keyboard controls.

...Satisfied with his recovery of the stolen treasures, Captain Comic teleports back to his space cruiser to begin the long journey home, totally unaware of the dangerous adventures that lie ahead in...

Episode II: Fractured Reality

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