"The Wrenchies" is a 2014 graphic novel, written by Farel Dalrymple and published by alternative comic book publisher First Second. It is a science-fiction and fantasy story, that while seeming to share some elements with super hero comics, has major departures from standard, or even alternative super hero comics, in terms of plot and style.

The story is told out of sequence, and across various time periods and realities. Much of the story is told in a post-apocalypse, where gangs of feral children fight monsters called "shadowsmen", but we later return to contemporary America, where a somewhat slovenly boy named Hollis discovers a comic book called "Wrenchies", that we later find is meant to serve as a portal of sorts between different times and levels of reality. Much of the mechanism for this is not really explained, and the origins and motivations for the forces that have ruined the earth are not really explained.

When I first started reading this graphic novel, I didn't think it was that extraordinary: post-apocalypse is as much the starting point in young adult literature now, as being a suburban outcast was in the days of Judy Blume. But this book doesn't seem to just be dabbling in a trendy sub-genre: the author seems to honestly have a vision, although I can't tell what that vision is. Frankly, the book has the feeling of schizophrenia to it. Many works might brag about being "twisted" or "crazy" in the colloquial sense, but certain features of this, such as the broken time line, the malevolent forces, and the grotesque and violent art, seem like the work of someone who is actually, instead of colloquially, mentally ill. Although developed in its own way, there was something about this story that I couldn't quite digest.

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