I don't remember where I read this, but it's in C, and here's the deal:
  1. Create a file called void main(){puts("Hello, World!");}, assuming your filesystem will allow it.
  2. Its contents should be:


  3. Compile it with -istdio.h
Quite clever. Although gcc won't let you compile it without a file extension.

Update I was talking this over with Bozyo the other day. We decided that you can do it like this: on the command line:

gcc -Df=__FILE__ -Dc=// -istdio.h void*.c, then add a "c .c" to the filename and change the content to "f".
There is only one way to make a Hello World program shorter than that.

Add -DA=__FILE__ to the gcc args, and change the source file's contents to just A.

That's the shortest Hello World program possible, as it's just one byte in size.

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