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Boom! That is the sound of an atomic bomb that just went off. There are many exciting jobs in physics. One might be in a crime lab or in a government-owned lad are in a classroom teaching kids. They make many interesting discoveries, are building weapons to the better of man kind. They also have a good range of salaries from 65,000 in a classroom are 85,000 in a crime lab to 150,000 in a government-owned lavoratory. They also have to have very interested job skills especial in mathematic.

Boom! is the sound of an atomic bomb exploding? Imagine the heat of the sun hot enough to burn your shadow into the ground. This is the job of the physicist. They create the bomb that we use in war. The smartest men in America that {This was impossible to read. -ed.} bombs. These groups of men don't just make the bombs we use the also teach to kids and work in crime labs in the cities and towns all over America. There are many jobs as a physicist such as atomic physics and plasmic radiation physics also: Aerodynamic, analytic, plasmic, radiation, cometic, Omega theory, and much more. That is only the beginning of it. Physics has many branches. Advance mathematics such as calculus and trigonometry . There are many different colleges that you can go to. The best of course is Harvard and Princeton. But you could go to any school and get a degree the most recommended is a Ph.D., if you only plan to teach then a bachelor or masters degree is all you need. In a crime lab though you may need a Master is a PH.D. To teach at a college you need a PH.D. , and have written a book on physics.

The schooling you need is in high school English and advance mathematics such as calculus, physics, and trigonometry. In college you need many math classes and you also need English, and of course chemistry.(I almost forgot) you need chemistry in high school as well. There are different programs you can get to such as Omega law. There are many more.

This next bites of info is the salary of the physicist they earn up to 150,000 as in the government here is where the make the most. For here in the government they build all the bombs that we use, one is the most deadliest of all the Hydrogen bomb this bomb is so powerful that the physicist say that it would take a nuclear blast to set it off. Some theorize that it would throw Earth of its axis. Another idea is to send a ship to the distant stars with orbiting planets the closest one is Proxima Centauri. They can do this at half the speed of light but they need more energy that's where the antimatter comes in. The reason is for traveling at that speed a spaceship would become twice as heavy then it was. But then agin where are to get enough antimatter for they use it in labs to kill cancer to solve this the physicist must be harvested it in space where he places on a magnetic strip to keep it save for if it mixes with matter, boom. Then they though how about how are going to mix them together in an antimatter engine. Then another question is raises how are what will dispute the energy the answer is nozzles but the problem with that is the enormous amount of heat that will come out they have not found away to fix that problem but they have a lot of time on their hands. Another theory is to use solar power to have the sun sind waves of heat to soar sails on the ship to propel it along. The only thing wrong with this theory is that the power of the sun is not that powerful. Then some thank that if you use a force jump are moving from point A to point B by binding space this though is impossible to do they have an unsolvable equation that is ten pages long here is a little bit of it. 17x^30*15x^1008*sigma x-1 to the ratio of 12:1,234,561. There are about 1000 ratios 600 diversions and a lot more dealing with |Omega sigma phi. This is only a fraction of the experiment that they do. Depending on what type of physic you are you might study the bottom of the oceans. It to is like space a vast unexplored world. The reason is the presser of water. At two hundred feet the pressure would kill a human. So the physicist is at work agin this time he is going to try and find away to defeat this problem there is many way he is going to try this one way is to make a suit that is pressure proof. One theory is to organically make a light but synthetic suit out of a substance that is closely related to whale skin this is the job of both physicist and the chemist there is no sure answer to this problem but maybe one day their wills be. The job of a physicist is to make science fiction come true. 10000 years ago people dreamed that they would have weapons five thousand years ago people dream they're would be boats two thousand years ago people dream there would be large castles a thousand years ago they were developing money and basic fundamentals of physics. Two hundred years ago people dream of cars and planes and fifty years ago only half a decade ago we dream of computers. And all this was accomplished by the physicist. Only this was accomplished by the dreams of men and women that contributed to the field of physics that help shape America and all the other countries it what is to day. Physics was not always good back in the ninteen fifties the world was in a state of a type of cold war with the build up nuclear booms. With information stolen and give to the Russian physicist they were able to create a boom more powerful than America was ever able to. This was done to the fact that Russia had a superior physicist which gave them the advantage over America. One of the Russian main physicist quit because of the amount of power and surplus that they have developed. One thing the physicists should have done was to develop a way to destroy the booms with out them going off. Another bad thing that the physicists have done is the advance development of specialize booms. With this they would are canned have a faulty boom and begin a war are something. There other faults that might even kill them selves. You see that even though some physicists is smart some thing could go wrong. Are it could be a good thing a discover some thing different like when a physicist develop spandex there many other countless mistakes that they make no ones perfect not even a physicist even though they do create things and destroy it depends on what field you go in to like if you go into the field of crime? The reason is that the being need in crime is the fact that the being need to maybe find the angel that bullet entered a body are where did a kill run to are how was the gun fired from are wha angle a body fall from etc.? There many other jobs of a physicist. But to conclude there is a lot of information on a physicist they get good pay as such as a government worker that creates the booms that we use they also solve the hard to answer problems. As a crime lab they solve the problem of who did what and who did who. They find the angle of which a bullet inters some persons body. They also find the degree in which a body fell are a gun was fired in a school the taught common are basic physics to college where the teach you the advance physics. In the high school they teach the basic math and the common theories that they have. Then in college they teach the advance theories to the most difficult math equations. They also in the government they do problems such as trying to get to a different star system are to go under the oceans to conquer the waters of the ocean etc.. They also do work with chemist to solve for illness that people develop they are not always good because of the leak of information to other countries that develop more powerful booms and weapons then we did they are also had better physicist then we did the only reason that we were able to was the fact we had a German physicist Albert Einsten he gave as the sigma omega theories that we still use to day even though the theories are updated he still get the foundation of that theory. That is like thousands of years ago when the made the first weapons to the first boat to the tall castles to the boom this was done by the genies of the past to the genies of the future. The Physicist is the reason of are advancement to any intelligence that we have due to the dreams of men and women and to the belief that they could make a difference to man and mankind that is the physicist's goal and life long dream. To make a difference to know that you made a difference to the world and then the know that they made a differences to their selves. This is my finishing sentence and it that, the life of a physicist is to change the life of the people around him.

By: Grank Fable(changed to protect the innocent)

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