The Witch is invited to Man Night.

"What?" she says. "I am still a girl." She is not allowed at Man Night.

"We will be at Silk's house." says the Cave Guy. "Silk's wife will be present. We will be shooting crossbows. You may come."

The Witch is tickled pink. Well, black, really. Her sense of irony has a field day.

Silk's house is not visible from the road. Berms are raised to hide the property. The Cave Guy and Silk and other Men are present. Also some Flying Monkeys.

"Silk's wife has said that you may use her crossbow." says the Cave Guy. He has the biggest bow. The Witch thanks him.

The target is a pile of straw bales. There is a regular target pinned to it and there is a Betty Boop Doll.

"We are shooting Betty Boop? No male targets?" says the Witch.

A preteen Flying Monkey responds. "I brought it. We are going to shoot it."

They are 25 yards from the target. The Cave Guy shows the witch how to load the crossbow. She sucks at shooting it, but after a few shots she hits the bales. She gets one onto the target.

There are lots of shots past the pile of bales. They stop and go to hunt arrows. "Quarrels, not arrows."

After another round, the Cave Guy moves back. They all follow. He stands 50 yards from the target, give or take. He shoots.

"Would you like to try?" he says to the Witch, holding out the crossbow. "It is a 100 pound pull."

"Thank you." says the Witch. Her muscles are still fucked up. She tries to load the bolt but can't pull it. Raging internally, she hands it to the Cave Guy. He loads the quarrel, easily.

No one else is shooting from this distance. The bow is heavy enough that she has trouble steadying it.

Her first shot goes over the bales.

"Again?" asks the Cave Guy.

"Yes please." says the Witch.

Her second shot hits the bales.

He loads once more. The witch can't really hold the bow steady, but.... she spent seven years photographing synchronized swimming. She had to take the camera delay into account and it was always at full zoom. She would time it, hold her breath to steady the camera, and shoot.

So with the third shot, she lifts the heavy crossbow. She holds her breath, steadies it on the target, and shoots. The bolt goes through Betty Boop's forehead. The first shot that has hit the doll.

A moment of silence.

"What were you aiming at?" says the Cave Guy.

The Witch smiles. "Betty Boop," she says.

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