Limited release Grandaddy album, compiling songs recorded in the last eight years.

The Windfall Varietal was only sold at live shows and holds some of the stranger Grandaddy tracks, showing a side of the band that might not be familiar to people only versed in their major releases, like "A Pretty Mess By This One Band," "Under the Western Freeway," "The Sophtware Slump," etc.

Some of the more noteworthy points in the 16-track disc are: This is a hard to find album, being that it was only distributed at live shows and (I believe) no longer available, but if you're a fan of the band, try to get a hold of it. Some real gems on there.

Track Listing:
  1. Section Two of Song One From Album Two By Said Band - robo version
  2. Wretched Songs - Live in Modesto, 1997
  3. Fair Thee Not Well Mutineer - 2000
  4. Jeff's Message
  5. Levitz With Birds - 1996
  6. Broken - 1996 (Written 1994)
  7. I'm Not in Love - Aaron And Jason Live Radio in Turlock
  8. Spitting Up Blood - 1993
  9. Fly - 1993
  10. Black Bats / Meg Tilly Blonder Onder Onder - 1994
  11. Wilbur 10:30 AM
  12. Sarah 5646766 - 2000
  13. Gold - 1999
  14. Fun Fun Fun - Beach Boys Cover, 1994
  15. Lawn And So-on - Live Practice, 1997
  16. Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland - 2000

Thanks to (the band's site)

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