A popular American drinking game, The Who Game is not related to the band. Rather it centers around the 1966 cartoon, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! You know the one. Boris Karloff narrates, and Chuck Jones directs. If one faithfully abides by the rules of the game, one will certainly be well on the way to a stomach pump before the first commercial. Seriously, don't try this unless you know how to pace yourself.

How to play

  1. Either obtain a VHS/DVD copy of the movie or wait until it is broadcast. I recommend the latter, for it permits trips to the loo during commercials. Some feel that this is cheating.
  2. Gather a significant quantity of alcoholic beverages around you. Beer is most commonly used, but it's your liver. You'll go through it quickly, and if you are away getting another bottle, you will go into serious debt. Speed is of the essence.
  3. Every time the word "who" is said, you drink. That's right, every single time. "The Who Song" at the beginning of the cartoon usually thins the herd pretty quick because "who" gets said about a million times.
  4. How do you win? You're drunk! Isn't that enough?

No, seriously. That's all there is to it.

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