started by guitarist dale meiners, this band was formed "specifically" to play with wesley willis. band members would vary, but regulars were wesley willis (vocals), dale meiners (guitar/bass), and pat bernard (lead guitar). they only seem to have put out one album on a label, called spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride. it was released in 1996.

many people believed that this band "exploited" wesley, taking advantage of his savant status in order to make money off him. others argue that wesley deserves every chance to make it big in the music industry, and that his psychological ailments should not be used to keep him from reaching a wider audience.

the wesley willis fiasco toured with bands sublime and rocket from the crypt (whose album title "scream, dracula, scream!" was inspired from a song by wesley willis). wesley has no short-term memory, and had to carry a notebook onstage with him in order to shout his lyrics to the crowd.

the band broke up in ohio while on tour, due to conflicts between wesley's solo keyboard shows and the band's shows. also, being on the road all the time took a lot out of wesley, and the voices in his head tend to get worse when he is stressed and/or tired.

after the breakup, lead guitarist pat bernard sold his equipment and moved to lake tahoe, where he died a month later of hypothermia and subsequent drowning. i have no idea where anyone else ended up.

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