...Lawton, Oklahoma, that is. On February 27, 1971, police in Lawton received several reports of some sort of creature running down the street, dodging cars, and hiding behind bushes. A rash of calls followed in the next few days.

One man saw the thing sitting on a railing outside his second-floor apartment; when it saw him, it jumped to the ground 17 feet below and ran away. The man said it ran on all fours, that it had a horribly distorted face, and that it had hair all over its face, body and legs. He also said it wore only a pair of pants that looked like they'd been shrunk. Other eyewitnesses also described the creature's pants as being far too small, suggesting either that it had outgrown its pants or that it was--ahem--anxious for love.

Other witnesses included a group of soldiers from Fort Sill and a man who had a heart attack after he saw it trying to drink out of a fish pond in his front yard. But just two days after the initial sightings, the monster disappeared and was never seen again.

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