The Watersons were an English folk group, formed in 1964, at the beginning of the British folk revival. Norma, Lal and Mike Waterson (brother and sisters) teamed with John Harrison (a cousin) to sing and play, tour and record, in the traditional folk style. Two years later, John left the band, to be replaced by guitarist Martin Carthy, although they disbanded between 1968 and 1972, the same year Martin and Norma married.


Frost and Fire (1965)
The Watersons (1966)
A Yorkshire Garland (1966)
Bright Phoebus (1972)
For Penny Spice and Ale (1975)
Sound, Sound, your Instruments of Joy (1977)
A True-Hearted Girl (1979)
Green Fields (1981)

Lal died on 4th September 1998, Martin is still touring and recording.

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