"Ho, illustrious passers-by!" says Kai Lung as
he spreads out his embroidered mat under the
mulberry-tree. "It is indeed unlikely that you
could condescend to stop and listen to the
foolish words of such an insignificant and
altogether deformed person as myself.
Nevertheless, if you will but retard your
elegant footsteps for a few moments, this
exceedingly unprepossessing individual will
endeavour to entertain you." This is a
collection of Kai Lung's entertaining tales,
told professionally in the market places as he
travelled about; told sometimes to occupy and
divert the minds of his enemies when they were
intent on torturing him.

I. The Transmutation of Ling
II. The Story of Yung Chang
III. The Probation of Sen Heng
IV. The Experiment of the Mandarin Chan Hung
V. The Confession of Kai Lung
VI. The Vengeance of Tung Fel
VII. The Career of the Charitable Quen-Ki-Tong --
VIII. The Vision of Yin, the Son of Yat Huang
IX. The Ill-Regulated Destiny of Kin Yen, the Picture-Maker

A collection of stories written by Ernest Bramah in 1900. Narrated by the dexteriously voiced Kai Lung, these tales of a China that never was involve rags to riches, fairy tales, and an abundance of witty trickery. The first tale, The Transmutation of Ling is novella length, while the remainder are mostly easy to read in one sitting.

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