The final teaching of Jesus during The Sermon on the Mount.

The tale of the two house builders is well known - one builds his house on rock, one on sand. When the storm came, the house on rock stood firm while the house on sand was washed away.

Jesus was ending his sermon by telling the gathered people that it wasn't enough to simply listen, they had to put His teachings into practise. If they did, the foundation of their lives would be firm and resist the storm. If they didn't, they would be at the mercy of life's problems.

I aspire to this teaching, but rarely feel I have attained a good level of stability in my foundations. It's easy to get disheartened when life is bad, or when things aren't quite right but it's difficult to put your finger on the precise reason.

Knowing that I am loved unconditionally by Jesus is the best foundation I could wish for.

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