Truth, almost all would agree that Truth is one of the most important things in government and in people. Reality is that very few people true desire it. They will bitch when they see a government corruption is exposed and they will get angry at someone when they find out that they lie, but the reality is that they are not upset with the fact they have been lied to, but instead that the person was caught. People for teh most part cannot handle the truth. It scares them, because with truth there is nothing to hide behind. Most cannot wield the sheild of truth. Some may doubt this, but how many people have evaded the dangers of their girlfriend asking the dreaded question, "Do I look fat in this? How many have said "Boss, I am not coming in because I just want to sit in front of the tv and watch reruns." No they find an excuse to give their boss. How many people really want to know how people think of them?
Instead of truth being something that people really look for, they look for things that will not shatter the little world they have created for themselves. These worlds of the mind they build is not built in truth but what they want to be truth. Without this world they cannot survive. Like a little child scared of the boogeyman hides underneath his blanket, people hide in these worlds. In these worlds they cannot be hurt, but truth can hurt and cause pain beyond that of any physical pain.

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