The Trigger is a science fiction book by Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell.

Clarke has out done himself again IMHO, predicting the future. Of course, only time will tell which of his crazy ideas come to fruition.

A commercially funded think tank accidently discovers the ultimate trigger, a nearly totally defensive weapon with earth shattering consequences that will revolutionize civilization and war. But will they be able to tell the world about their discovery before the pentagon quashes it? Will the public accept it? Will it throw us back to clubs and stones? Or will it bring on a new era of peace between countries and within cities?

The Trigger is a tale of scientists and politicians struggling with the problems of civilization and an invention that could make guns obsolete. The book vasilates between showing the extreme views of anti-gun fanatics and pro-gun fanatics, in an attempt to show both. Just when you think every aspect has been covered, a new one is brought to light, and the devistating consequences of the new problems are then explored.

This intense book also continually reminds us that ethics in both scientific research and politics is easy to lose sight of regardless of the intentions, but very important to keep even in the worst of circumstances.

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