The Student Newspaper at Drexel University in Philadelphia. It's a weekly paper, published every Friday during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms and by-weekly during the Summer term.

The Triangle prides itself on being editorially independent of the school, raising all of its funding through advertising.

In a recent readership survey, the most read section of the paper was found to be the classified advertising section. If you're looking to rent an apartment on Drexel's campus, The Triangle is the best place to look.

The paper is produced in Adobe InDesign and is printed by Interprint Inc. out of Levittown, PA. It is distributed around campus using a 2004 John Deere Gater ATV. In Spring 2004, full color was added to the front and back pages. This allowed more flexibility in design and the possibility of a more attractive look for the paper.

The Editor-in-Chief in 2004 is Chirag Desai. The Triangle is available in it's entirety at

The Triangle was named after the original Drexel logo, which was a Triangle with sides labeled Art, Science, and Industry.

Updated 9/3/04

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