The Transformers: Headmasters comics
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Title:         Broken Glass
Issue:         2
Released:      September 1987
Pages:         22

Writer:        Bob Budiansky
Pencils:       Frank Springer
Inks:          Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Lettering:     Pat Brosseau
Coloring:      Nel Yomtov
Editor:        Don Daley
EditorInChief: Jim Shooter

#2 In a Four Issue Limited Series

Lord Zarak calls in the Decepticons, who attempt to take over Nebulos. The headless Autobots cannot defend the planet, so a group of Nebulans undergo a process to become the robots' heads. Thus, the Headmasters are born. The Autobots prevail, but the fate of the planet still hangs in the balance.

"We have Autobots to destroy... and a world to conquer!" - Scorponok

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