Three Unrestrained Ravagings of the Island of Britain:
  • The first of them (occurred) when Medrawd came to Arthur's Court at Celliwig in Cornwall; he left neither food nor drink in the court that he did not consume. And he dragged Gwenhwyfar from her royal chair, and then he struck a blow upon her;
  • The second Unrestrained Ravaging (occurred) when Arthur came to Medrawd's court. He left neither food nor drink in the court;
  • And the third Unrestrained Ravaging (occurred) when Aeddan the Wily came to the court of Rhydderch the Generous at Alclud; he left neither food nor drink nor beast alive.

From the Red Book of Hergest, ca. 1450. Welsh.

This seems to point to a more traditional cause for the Battle of Camlan.

Of the third, it relates to the Battle of Arthuret.

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