Three Unfortunate Assassinations of the Island of Britain:
  • Heidyn son of Enygan, who slew Aneurin of Flowing-Verse, Prince of Poets,
  • and Llawgad Trwm Bargod Eidyn ('Heavy Battle-Hand of the Border of Eidyn') who slew Afaon son of Taliesin,
  • and Llofan Severing Hand who slew Urien son of Cynfarch.

Aneurin is attributed the Book of Aneurin, a manuscript dating to the 13th century, but which is thought to contain poems which date to the early seventh, namely The Gododdin, a series of elegies for the fallen warriors of the Battle of Catterick.

Afaon is mentioned in several places as an unfortunate death. I've also seen him called Aeddon; perhaps these are seperate sons?

I have also seen Urien of Rheged's death attributed to Llywarch Hen.

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