A live cover act, sponsored by Mother West Records, featuring Magnetic Fields Stephin Merritt, LD Beghtol, Dudley Klute and lots of ukuleles. They've performed twice so far - two sets at Tonic in May 1999, featuring mostly Magnetic Fields and Flare (LD's band) songs, and "...Sing the Saddest Songs They Know" in February 2000, in which the three covered...well...the saddest songs they knew.

Their third annual outing is set for 1 April 2001, with the theme of "Songs From the Movies." LD has promised us "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and threatened us with Björk's "I've Seen It All." Personally, I can't wait.

They've been accompanied in the past by James Jacobs on cello and recorder and Daniel Handler on accordion. The next concert will feature Kenny Mellman (Herb of Kiki and Herb infamy) on the keys.

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