Three Slaughter-Blocks of the Island of Britain:
"The Welsh is ysgymyd. There is not a very satisfactory English equivalent. Gilbert has been identified as one of the two Gilberts who as Counts of Clare ruled Ceredigion in the twelfth century (they were father and grandfather to Strongbow)." --Jeff Davies.

That said, Morfran ap Tegid is the same Morfran who is also Afagddu, the dark one, son of Tegid and Cerridwen, for whom the three drops of Awen were to be given, but was accidentally stolen by Taliesin. Morfran--"Great Crow"--is also one of the three survivors of Camlann, untouched because everyone thought that he was so ugly, he had to be a demon and immortal.

Gwgawn is mentioned in the Stanzas of the Graves.

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